The Heirloom Standard

What does it mean to be an Heirloom?

Our town is full of Heirlooms and we’ve built a business around keeping them that way.  We believe in taking care of property, and we have a standard we operate by.   Every property begins as a nice place to live and they require maintenance to stay that way. Simply put, we represent property that we can be proud of.
Now, we don’t stick to this standard because we are hung-up on pretty looking homes.  We do this because it makes smart fiscal sense with real estate investments.  Thoroughly planned routine & preventative maintenance is the most cost efficient way to maintain a properties’ value over the long term.  It’s just that simple.  Here’s the thing, you’re not saving money when you skip routine maintenance.  Deferred maintenance is STILL spending money – it’s just in the form of a decrease to your property’s value.
  • Adding a coat of wood floor poly every couple years costs much less than refinishing them every 10 years.
  • Touching up the paint every 5 years costs less than replacing bad siding in 15 years.
  • Trimming shrubs every summer costs less than tearing them out from overgrowth and re-landscaping.
  • Staining a deck every 3 years costs much less than rebuilding it due to rot it in 10 years.
Why is attention and innovation around property maintenance systems not common place at every management company?  Because it is hard work.
At Heirloom we make maintenance really easy.  Our background is in the trades and we’ve been building these systems for years.  Weather routine, preventative, or a surprise service call, we have affordable plannable maintenance service plans that will take the surprises out of your cash flow.  Take a look at our Maintenance Page to learn more.