Heirloom Development

Our Driving Purpose

Heirloom was founded in 2014 with the tagline ‘Our city is full of heirlooms, we’re here to keep it that way.’ This simple statement set Heirloom on its path and speaks to the humble work ethic and hands-on, community-centered approach that continues to define the company eight years later. 

Most of the homes in our community were built by the generations who came before us.  Property ownership and management in its best form can really be viewed as stewardship. Each new owner represents a pivotal point. Under each new ownership, the property will be improved or deferred. Homes are the fabric of a neighborhood, and every community needs them to last.  Heirloom views its role as owner/manager as one of stewardship. We won’t own or manage it forever, but while we do, we can assure it’s kept up and prepared for generations to come.

Today Heirloom manages more than 750 homes and provides expertise in brokerage, property management, maintenance, construction, and development. Heirloom’s strategic expansion to meet the needs of clients, has set them up for success in the next chapter. Their vertical alignment allows Heirloom to be a conduit for community investment, returning to the heart of their original mission statement. The key to company growth and success is their growing team of more than 60 experienced people, local craftsmen, technicians, and managers. This team brings expertise and shares community values. In fact, Heirloom’s staff owns about a third of the properties they manage.

Have questions about Heirloom’s Development projects? Reach out to one of our expert project managers.