Whether you're an out of town investor or just beginning the path to your first home, we can help!

Investors: Are you interested in buying or selling investment property in our region?  

Consider working with Heirloom as your Investor Agent. When it comes to investment property you care about specific details, you need people in touch with the market. What will it rent for? How much maintenance will it require? What potential pitfalls may exist? You need an agent that is also a property manager and licensed contractor. Heirloom is your one-stop shop for property acquisition, management, and maintenance. We have the deep industry knowledge to make your deal happen and see you through to profitability.

Buying & Selling rental property with heirloom
is a smooth one-stop experience.

Buying with Heirloom

  • We have deep knowledge of rent rates and neighborhoods that only seasoned property managers will have.
  • Sometimes a good deal needs a little work. As a licensed contractor, we specialize in rental renovation in-house. This means we can provide more detailed, accurate information on your potential property.
  • Most agents’ work ends when your deal closes. When your agent is also your property manager our work together is just beginning.

Selling With Heirloom

  • As your property manager and listing agent we are in the ideal position to communicate with your tenants through the sales process. A smooth sailing sale means tenants are taken care of and the transition is seamless.
  • Our in-house maintenance and construction teams can handle any repairs needed to make your property ready for sale.
  • As property managers we forge meaningful relationships with dozens of investors.  We can leverage our connections to sell your property quickly.

Investor FAQ

Heirloom Realty specializes in the greater Duluth, Minnesota / Superior, Wisconsin area. 

Yes, we specialize at helping investors new to our market get started. Heirloom Realty has investors throughout the United States. Check out our Management Services to see what Heirloom Property Management offers. 

  • Understand your goals and objectives
  • Search for a property to buy
  • We can inspect a property you are buying through another broker to get our opinion on if it is a good investment
  • Evaluate the condition of the property
  • Evaluate the market rent for the property
  • Take a video of the property and the areas that need work
  • Represent you in the purchase
  • Remodel the property, see our Home Remodeling Portfolio
  • Manage the property, see our Management Services
  • Represent you in the sale of the property when you are ready to sell
  • High Cap Rates and IRR on investments.
  • Long term extremely low vacancy market (under 3%) means quality tenants are easier to find.
  • Higher than average percent of rentals at 42% vs state average of 34%.
  • Seven colleges and universities in the area.
  • Booming tourist industry with over 3 million visitors each year.
  • An abundance of neighborhood options ranging from city life, rural, and student areas.
  • Reasonable home costs.

Absolutely.  We have several local lending relationships that work with many of our clients.  Depending on the property you are looking at we can send you in a few directions.

Heirloom's Tenant 2 Home Owner Program!

Tenants: Renting with Heirloom has its perks!  Heirloom is committed to helping tenants transition from renting to home ownership if that is their dream. If current tenants work with an Heirloom Realty Agent to find and purchase their home, we’ll cover all expenses to break their rental lease.

Buying a home can be stressful. Heirloom Realty agents will provide you with the information, support, and expertise you need to make the home-buying process exciting, rewarding, and stress-free. We love helping match people with property, let us help you find your forever home!

Renting with Heirloom has its perks!

Heirloom takes care of its tenants. If you rent from Heirloom Property Management and decide later to buy a home through Heirloom Realty – we will cover all of the expenses to break your rental lease. 

Buying a home can be a large and stressful decision to make, but working with Heirloom to find your home is a no-brainer! Our buyers agent will provide you with the information, support & expertise you need to make the home buying process exciting, rewarding and stress free.

Let Heirloom help make your dreams of home ownership a reality today!


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