Who We Are

We care about this community and want to do our part in helping it thrive

We’re a driven lot, fueled by challenges and passionate about growth. We believe a high tide raises all boats and as we move forward we want to bring everyone with us.

Paint your neighbor program

Every summer we get together as a team and give back to a few special families. It’s a special way we connect with our community. Do you know a family who could use a little exterior TLC?

Join our Team

We believe in our people. We know a great company is built with talented individuals and we’re always looking for great people. Learn more about our roles here. If one sings to you, drop us a line, and let’s connect.

Michael Schraepfer – President


Michael was first introduced to construction and entrepreneurship growing up alongside his father.  Mike started a summer painting business while attending UMD, and quickly became involved in remodeling and real estate. With each new house, there were numerous new projects which proved to be a excellent hands-on education in the trades. Since then Mike has blossomed into a local entrepreneur and real estate investor. Heirloom is the combination of Mike’s life in real estate which includes management, realty, and construction.  He enjoys sharing his experience to help new investors find property, solve financing and work through renovations.  He’s a lifelong learner with other pursuits both entrepreneurial and personal including saw-milling, fine furniture making, running, cooking, and traveling. Accomplishments:

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker in MN and WI.
  • Purchased and renovated over 100 properties in the Duluth area.
  • Twice nominated for the Labovitz Entrepreneurial Success award.
  • President of the City of Duluth Planning Commission.
  • Duluth Heritage Preservation Alliance award recipient.
  • Facilitate the Duluth Real Estate Investment Masterclass.
  • Co-founder of Lake Ave Restaurant, winner of the “Best Restaurant in MN Worth a Drive” award.
  • 5 time Grandmas 1/2 Marathon finisher.
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Nick Adams – Vice President


Nick grew up in the twin cities and fell in love with Duluth and the North Shore while earning his B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota Duluth. While attending UMD, he ran a summer painting business and was introduced to Michael Schraepfer.  The two became fast friends, both shared an interest in entrepreneurship and rental properties. His entry into rental property ownership was spurred through the help of Michael and has allowed him to continue to invest in properties over the years.  In 2013 Nick was nominated for the Labovitz Entrepreneurial Success Award alongside Michael and one other partner.  After a brief relocation to Minneapolis, Nick, his wife, and children “came home” as he likes to say, and joined the Heirloom team.  Nick brings many years of business and project management experience to Heirloom.  When not at work Nick enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, mountain biking, and exploring Duluth’s abundant parks. Accomplishments:

  •  Investor Owner of Rental Properties in Duluth
  •  Nominee for the Labovitz Emerging Entrepreneurial Award
  • 5 time Green Lake triathlon finisher
  • 3-time BU 10-hour triathlon finisher
  • 2 time Ragnar Relay finisher
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Sarah Sorenson – Director of Property Management


Neal Jacobi – Business Development Manager


Neal is one of Heirloom’s strongest advocates. He attended UMD, where he received a B.A. in Organizational Management and Marketing. After school, Neal decided to start investing in rental properties. For several reasons, Neal decided Duluth was the ideal hub for his investments moving forward.  At the time, Neal was living out of state and needed management services. During his search for a professional property management company, he discovered Heirloom and met Michael. He became a customer of our management services and continues to employ Heirloom services. Neal currently works as our Business Development Manager and our in-house Realtor to assist investors sell & acquire properties, as well as analyzing on and off-market deals. If you’re a property investor interested in investing in the Duluth area, Neal should be your first call.

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Mike Kokotovich – Director of Accounting


Mike brings 20 years of finance expertise with a focus on construction and real estate development. A CPA by trade, Mike’s leadership skills lead him to a career in accounting management and real estate development. Mike has underwritten over $200 million in successful commercial developments. Mike’s finance experience includes underwriting, asset management, tax preparation, consulting, and financial reporting. Mike holds a Bachelor of Accounting from the University of Minnesota Duluth and an MBA from the University of South Dakota. 

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Todd Brown

Senior Property Manager

Jennifer Julsrud

Senior Property Manager

Cody Mass

Senior Property Manager

Samantha Hoegen

Property Manager

Jordan Herzog

Property Manager

Miranda Schiavone

Administrative Manager

Nate Erichsrud

Business Developement Manager

Savannah Norman

Asset Manager

Emily Stratioti


Kelsy Skluzacek

Vacation Rental Manager

Amity Nurmi

Vacation Rental Manager

Kirsten Mason

Cotton Mansion Events Director